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About Us

A forward from Richard Akerele, Founder & CEO of East London Connect


As an East Londoner born and bred, I have seen a massive amount of change in the area; from the good old days before the Olympics and Westfields, to an area of London that is now very affluent and not always socially and economically accessible to many young people.

In order to help young people and the next generation of people living in East London to really enjoy living and working in places like East Village or Canning Town, I knew there were two key areas that should be taught in schools:

  1. Aspirational educational options from college, sixth form and university;

  2. Broad and ambitious career knowledge to help young people discover a range of roles and career paths that might help them earn enough in live and enjoy the regeneration of East London.

With these two simple focus areas in mind, East London Connect was born and our first session began with year 10 pupils at East Science School in January 2017.

Our Journey


November 2017

East London Connect is officially registered with the Charity Commission.
Our Clients
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