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Mentoring Scheme

We start with our mentoring programming for year 10 students with an introductory sessions on Russell group universities to assess the current knowledge the students have of higher education institutions. 

From there we cater our mentoring sessions appropriately, every monthly session we have the pupils learn about different aspects of applying to university and give a presentation on a uni that interests them.

We evaluate the sessions through feedback from the students, for example: What have they learnt from the sessions, whether the course has influenced their decision to apply for university.

One of our mentoring schemes was organised with students of UCL's African Caribbean Society. 


An image from one of our mentoring session organised with the students of UCL's African Caribbean Society for Year 10 pupils of East London Science School.

Here are some extracts from the feedback we have received from the pupils at our events: “I learnt success comes from failure” another pupil was encouraged that “I know what to do when I’m older, it has given me courage.”

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