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Cultural Experiences

At East London Connect, We host cultural experience trips where we take students from secondary schools but we also take outside groups such as faith groups to experience and learn about new cultures they normally wouldn't have the chance to experience.

For one of our cultural experience trips we organised a trip with Cambridge University for a faith group where they got to experience life at Cambridge University.

Another Cultural Experience we hosted was a cultural education speech from Professor Mame-Fatou Niang titled the different shades of black excellence showing the film Mariannes Noires, a documentary following different black women as they navigate questions of identity, opportunity and legacy.


Image: Connecting a faith group for a Cambridge Uni Trip

The film was co-directed by Professor Mame-Fatou Niang and she hosted a Q&A session after the film screening.


Image: Cultural education speech from Professor Mame-Fatou Niang, titled the different shades of black excellence.

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