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About us

Today's Students - Tomorrow Teachers

“To provide the next generation of young people with the educational and career opportunities to have economic power to actively participate in the regeneration of East London”

Here at East London Connect since our founding in September 2017 we aim to tackle the skills gap in the Newham area, where many well paying jobs in the Stratford area are unavailable to the local community.

We aim to do this by working in the Education and Career areas to address the skill gap in schools and local employment agencies in the borough through our projects, by doing so we will provide the next generation of young people with new opportunities and skills to build a better future.

Below you can see the projects we are running to tackle these issues and find out more information about our projects.


Mentoring Schemes

Our mentoring scheme starting with Year 10's with monthly sessions about university and higher education.


Trips to Russell Universities

Introducing secondary school students to universities and higher education institutions through school trips.


Cultural Experiences

Engaging in learning and experiencing new cultures that students might not have access to through cultural experience trips.


Talks and Speeches

We organise speeches for secondary schools and sixth forms on a variety of topics depending on the speaker.

Career Days

We host Career Days to have students learn about different careers and speak to those who are already in the industry.

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